Blogging manners and an update
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03 May 2007

A confession: unlike more polite members of the blogging community, over the past few weeks I have received a number of references on other sites and neither thanked people for the exposure nor given them any recognition.

That’s just a little bit rude.

So to make amends I have trawled the net and said ‘thank you’ where I ought to have done.

In addition, I have updated my own blogroll to refer to them and to others I have noted in my travels. Have a look for some choice pickings from the web on HCM, Talent Management, and HR and Learning Technologies.

Of course there are reasons why I haven’t spent enough time maintaining this blog recently – chiefly a manic time at InfoBasis – but “I’ve been busy.” is never an excuse when it comes to doing the right thing.

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