Learning Technologies in the Workplace

The result of 16 years’ observing why some learning technology implementations succeed and others fail, Learning Technologies in the Workplace is invaluable reading for today’s L&D professionals, whether they plan to implement a new technology, or simply make the most of what they have.

The book provides a set of tools to help an implementation succeed, including tips on stakeholder management, demonstrating value, effective performance consulting and maintaining systems post-launch.

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L&D Global Sentiment Survey

The annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey asks learning and development practitioners globally what will be ‘hot’ in the upcoming 12 months.

Started in 2014, and with reports published since 2016, the survey reveals what the profession is thinking about learning technology world-wide.

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Donald is managing editor for Inside Learning Technologies and Skills Magazine, and also sits on the editorial advisory boards of the International Journal of HR Development and University of Texas’s Global Handbook for Workplace L&D.

In addition, Donald writes regularly, contributing to a range of titles as well as to his monthly column in Training Journal.


Inside Learning and Technologies Magazine

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The Future of Learning at Work

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Learning Technologies

It’s time to drop e-learning, Training Zone, July 2007

Learning Myths

The learning and development profession is not a profession – not yet, anyway. If it were, it wouldn’t so avidly adopt and adapt half-truths.

Modern myths of learning: The creative right brain, Training Zone, June 2009

Modern myths of learning: You only use 10% of your brain, Training Zone, August 2008

Top read of 2008: Modern myths of learning: You only remember 10% of what you read, Training Zone, December 2008 (This was Training Zone’s most read article of 2008.)

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Competencies and Learning

Capability Management: L&D’s Future, or Another Fad?, Training Zone, October 2007

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Your Boss Doesn’t Care About Training, Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, October 2006