Workshop detail

The Implementing Learning Technologies in the Workplace online workshop is designed to help you make a success of your next roll-out by avoiding predictable pitfalls, and taking the key steps characteristics of successful implementations.

The workshop covers:
Unit 0 – Pre-work
Unit 1 – Foundations
Unit 2 – People
Unit 3 – Action
Unit 4 – Roll out and beyond

Unit 0 – Pre-work
Participants will be given a combination of material to read and videos to watch, to ensure that they understand the background to the material being covered. One key piece of reading will be the six-stage check list.

They will also be asked to take prepare themselves for the course by familiarizing themselves with the course website, completing a pre-course questionnaire and ensuring they are ready to participate in the online sessions.

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Unit 1 – Foundations
In Unit 1, we cover fundamental concepts and the basics of implementation aims and the techniques of exploration. The reason: the most common reason for failure in learning technology implementations is misaligned expectations about the aim of the implementation.

• Models of change
• The APPA framework
• The six-steps to learning technology implementation success
• The four types of aim of a learning technology implementation, and associated metrics
• Stakeholder identification, analysis and management
• Building a communications plan

Assignment: participants will have a choice between conducting a stakeholder analysis and preparing a communications plan.

Unit 2 – People
In Unit 2, we explore a key element of success: the people involved in an implementation – both the people on your team, and those elsewhere in the organisation that you need to work. Who are the crucial people in each case, and what techniques can you use for communicating with them?

• The Japanese concept of ‘Nemawashi’
• Performance consulting and its associated skills
• Core team roles across the six steps
• Other important team members
• Ensuring structural influence for your team

Assignment: participants will have a choice between designing their own ideal implementation team and describing how the team will ensure structure influence.

Unit 3 – Action
In Unit 3, we examine the area which our research shows most worries people contemplating an implementation: the planning. What are the core tenets of project management? What technical issues are likely to trip you up? What techniques can you use to build user-acceptance into your learning programme?

• A detailed look at the 6-step plan
• Project management for success
• Core technical issues
• Assessing the impact on workplace processes
• Designing your learning programme
• Audience analysis
• Techniques for gathering feedback

Assignment: participants will be asked to draw up a high-level plan of their implementation, with the aim of identifying areas where they need to strengthen it.

Unit 4 – Roll out and beyond
Unit 4 tackles the often-neglected area of sustaining the programme

• Types of roll-out and launch
• The role of power users and advocates
• Communications at project end
• Sustaining the implementation
• Attitude – the defining characteristic of success
• Continued personal development

This unit finishes with an unmarked assignment for that guides participants through their further development.

All participant receive an initial certificate of completion, and on the production of further evidence two months after completion, will be awarded the full workshop certificate.

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