As an independent consultant, Donald provides the following services:

Masterclasses for L&D Professionals
Donald is currently developing an online Masterclass in Implementing Learning Technologies. Click for more information.

For L&D Departments
Donald’s main offering for L&D departments is a ‘horizon scanning’ briefing that gives Learning and Development professionals a sense of the wider trends in current and upcoming techniques and technologies.

Usually delivered annually, these briefings help give L&D teams a check that they’re on the right course, as well as suggesting ways to further develop themselves.

The format for these briefings can range from an online interview to a face-to-face presentation to a whole-day workshop.

For Learning and Development Service Providers
For vendors in the L&D space, Donald regularly provides the following:

  • Live event hosting
  • Webinar production and hosting
  • Webinar delivery
  • White paper writing

For example, in 2017 Donald keynoted user conferences for NetDimensions and LearningPool, and hosted the 2016 CrossKnowledge Talent Conference in Paris. He regularly hosts webinars for vendors including New-York based ERP giant Infor, and has recently written white papers for Saba, the Open University and OpenSesame.

All of these activities are ad hoc. For more information on working with Donald, please contact him directly.