L&D Principles

I’m on a journey, going back to basics in workplace learning and development (L&D). On the way I’d like to discuss some principles in our field and hopefully reach agreement on how to articulate them.

The principles will be as concise and clearly expressed as I can make them. Each principle will be accompanied by some reflections on its implications. Over time, these simple propositions will, I believe, add up to something substantial. If you have something to add – agreement, disagreement, clarification, anecdote or resource – please feel free to contribute.

Why am I doing this? Because in a working lifetime in this field (I started as a classroom trainer in 1987) I have seen too many arguments raised and left unresolved only to be resurrected a few years later, with the cycle of dispute repeating. I hope that if we can agree on some principles in our field, we can move to solid foundations for thinking and practice, on which we can build.

1. The word ‘learning’ is used to mean many different things